Specialty Services

Specialty Services


  • Licensed asbestos abatement contractor
  • Licensed asestos abatement supervisors/workers
  • External asbestos containing material removal (pipe insulation, transite pipe, external wall siding, tank insulation and soil impacted with ACM)

Lead Paint Abatement
  • Certified lead paint abatement supervisors
  • Lead paint stripping/testing/removal

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • 13+ years staff experience in NORM program management/senior consulting
  • NORM in natural gas subject matter expert, international experience in assesment/management/decontamination
  • Certified radioactive material shipper / transportation and disposal management
  • Drafting/review NORM procedures and practices
  • NORM impacted site remediation and equipment decontamination for unrestricted release

  • Sampling/analysis of mercury in process streams
  • Assessing/characterizing/modeling/monitoring for mercury in oil ang gas production/processing/transmission and refining
  • Removal/reduction of mercury in oil and gas
  • Prioprietary chemistry and chemical methods for advanced removal of mercury and other metals from impacted process systems.

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